Friday, August 30, 2013

Foam fingers will never look the same

I am becoming more disappointed in my generation as the days go by. I am disappointed in the lack of integrity, respect and the overall morals that we seem to ignore. I am embarrassed in the arrogance that we embrace and the shameless audacity that we continue to portray.

I have felt compelled to write about this topic for a while. Even more so, in light of Miley Cyrus and her inappropriate twerking all up on a married man, and this said married man letting it happen?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR CULTURE? Where has the respect, integrity and loyalty gone in our society? We live in an age where self gratification outweighs morals and respect for ourselves. To me, this signals the beginning of a nasty road ahead.

This week I experienced a few "ah, ha!" moments. One in which I realized that I need to be more wary of who I choose to surround myself with. I am finally starting to realize that those who I thought I could trust, love, confide in are sometimes not the people who you thought they were. Some people value their own agendas at the cost of friendship and loyalty. I think this was a moment where I finally shed the last little layer of youth I had left in me. My wishful thinking and willingness to trust so quickly, has suddenly disappeared. I have felt my skin achieve a level of toughness that I never thought it would. It is already sucky enough that we live in world where I fear that leaving my Tory Burch sunnies in my car will lead to theft, it is just extra garbage to know that it is becoming harder and harder to trust anyone in this world today.

Not only has this experience made more aware of those surrounding me, it has also made me think about what the effects our societal & cultural norms have had on my generation. What happened to being able to trust in your fellow man? Or lending a hand to those in need? Just over-all decency in the American public?! It seems to have disappeared off of the radar within my generation. Or maybe it just has skipped a generation--kind of like what doctors tell you about having twins. Whatever it may be, it most certainitly isn't present here in America. Because heck, even married men aren't considered off limits, according to Miley.

So I guess my question is, when did we turn into a bunch of self-serving, jerks?

We are so consumed within ourselves that we cannot see how our actions will effect others. I am sure in the moment Robin Thicke thought it was a GREAT idea to allow a mega star like Miley boost his mediocre (at best) fame. Sure we get it, the tabloids love controversy. But is it really worth it all? What do you think he had to say when he faced his wife later that night? How could he look into the audience knowing that while some twenty-something, serpent tongued, crazy child was all up on him, his wife was watching amongst the crowd? It seriously gives me the creeps to think that he didn't have the discernment to consider any of these things.

I believe that this lack of foresight stems from a few things. However, the most pressing issue is the vacancy of accountability that seems to run rampant amongst the world. We don't understand how to respect others and even worse, ourselves. This is constant struggle that I see within my own generation.

We have developed a complete abcense of decency to care for others. With our images, gratifications and worldly desires taking the front seat, we have lost sight of what really is most important in life. Sure we could argue that Miley and Robin are entertainers, so their job is to push limits and make the big headlines. But is imitating lewd sexual acts still okay if it is for entertainment purposes? No, absolutely not. Because in my eyes Robin Thicke is making a complete mockery of his marriage to his wife. He vowed to honor her, love her, and to serve her. How could he possibly argue that he is honoring that vow when he is allowing another woman to act sexually on him in front of thousands of people?

I wish that the Hollywood elites and those that have the media's ear, would use their influence to remind the public of the morals that our existence was based on. I hope that as a generation we will start to think more before we act. Shoot, if we did that a little more often we could have avoided a lot of awkward things within our generation (Like Rocketdog flip-flops? WHY?).

Then maybe our world would be slowly making its way back on track.