Monday, July 15, 2013

I is for insecure introductions

Friends, family, acquaintances, creepers and fellow frontiersmen of the inter-webs, welcome to my blog.

Not going to lie... I am a little nervous! Knowing that this is a publicly viewed blog, meaning ANYONE on the web can read it, blows my mind. Yes, I am talking to you person from Korea who has already viewed my blog--Thank you Google Analytics.

I have always enjoyed expressing myself through my writing. It comes relatively easy for me --with that being said I probably have now jinxed myself to numerous typos. I prefer to write how I actually speak in real life. None of this APA or MLA format garbage. My friend Abe, wittily coined it "dictatus scribus". So if you ever wonder what I sound like off of the page just imagine the words on the screen in an slow, obnoxiously high voice, with a slight valley girl-esque twang.

So what is the point of this thing? Well, I have found amongst many of my peers that our 20's really haven't been all that easy, contrary to popular belief. Non-stop partying, endless energy, carefree eating and a lot of wild adventures seems to be what the media and older adults try to convince us is our actual reality. As much as I wish this was the case, my life could rarely be described as an ongoing frat party in the Hollywood Hills.

Mostly I am writing in this blog as a emotional release. I want to be open and real with people. I want people to realize that we don't need to have a facade of some perfect, instagram, filtered life. It is ok to be genuine. Writing is a way for me to feel completely expressed and understood. Often times I can't ever get out the words that I am trying to say. I am pretty sure God knew this about me, so I thank him for waiting to send me out into the world when text messaging was invented. Writing also helps remind myself to stay true to who I am as an individual and remember what my heart is saying. I sometimes get led astray by what other people and societal pressures tell me to do. I am totally guilty of succumbing too these pressures (like swoop bangs-why did I ever do that?). If I sit down and write my thoughts, I am quickly reminded of what my heart really wants me to hear.

I think my "ah-ha!" moment occurred one day whilst I was casually perusing around one of the cutesy mommy blogs that we know we are all secretly obsessed with. Face it girls, I know your Google reader is stacked full of them. I think it was amidst my serious consideration in entering a contest to win a Bugaboo stroller that it hit me. What was I doing? I had somehow convinced myself that if I did win this stroller I would just store it in my hope chest for later use...whenever that would be. It was in that moment that I realized I needed to stop trying to keep up with Mrs. Robinson next door, when I was only a Miss. I needed to be true to myself and be ok with it. So, ta-da! Here I am, writing my crazy thoughts, ambitions and struggles down on the internet for all to see.

I knew that I couldn't possibly be the ONLY person in the world experiencing these challenges and obstacles. I hope that whoever happens to stumble upon this blog will find my anecdotes and experiences as a comedic relief. We all need a little laugh sometimes and my life is full of jokes. So why not share my embarrassments, happy moments, struggles, temptations and ambitions with others who are experiencing the same?

So here we go. Welcome to The Mormon Girl Burn Book, I hope you stick around for the ride.



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  1. She strikes again.

    We are ready for some meaty stories!!!!